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NAME: Rosanna Harte


BIRTHDATE: 29th March, 1982

BIRTHPLACE: Lancashire

CURRENTLY LIVES IN: Leeds, West Yorkshire.

HEIGHT: 5’-1”

CONTEST WEIGHT: 9 stone (126 pounds)

OFFSEASON WEIGHT: 9 1/2 stone (133 pounds)

MARITAL STATUS: Engaged to be married.

FAMILY: My immediate family are my lovely mum and big brother. I also have lots of aunts and uncles in various countries.

PETS: No pets, but I’d like a dog to accompany me on my morning cardio sessions.

OCCUPATION: Variety is the spice of life. I like to do lots of different things for work. I am a dance and drama teacher, singer/songwriter and I help people with training, dieting and choreograph posing routines for people.

HOBBIES: Same as my work.

OTHER INTERESTS: I am interested in the miracle of life and love to read and practice ways to heighten my knowledge in this area and help me be the best I can be so when my time is up I will hopefully be leaving the planet with a positive imprint, as small as it may be.


REASON FOR STARTING TRAINING: I started training with weights to increase upper body strength for my dance degree. I did ballet for 16 years which built up great leg strength but when I moved over to more contemporary dance my upper body strength was letting me down.

EFFECTS TRAINING HAS HAD ON YOUR LIFE: Training with weights has had a huge effect on all areas of my life. I have always been confident but this has just increased my confidence even more. It has given me the chance to meet so many lovely people I would never have met before. People are intrigued by you when you are a muscular woman and it’s great to pass on any knowledge I’ve gained to people trying to get fit or sculpt their bodies. I feel like I have invaluable information that I can share with other people.

GYM CURRENTLY TRAINS AT: Altered Image. Pudsey, Leeds. This gym is such an amazing gym especially for people that would like to compete. The equipment is fab and they always keep everything updated and working well. They even bought a Stairmaster when they found out it was a good piece of equipment for my cardio. This gym has such a brilliant and fun set of people down there.

2007 NPA-Trained Figure Heart Of England (1st)

2008 NABBA North East, Trained Figure (2nd)
2008 NABBA British Finals, Trained Figure (6th)
2008 Sci Mentor, Trained Figure (1st)
2010 NABBA North East, Trained Figure (2nd)
2010 NABBA British Finals, Trained Figure (1st and Overall Champion)
2010 NABBA World Championships, Trained Figure (2nd)
2011 UKBFF North East, Open Bodybuilding (1st)
2011 UKBFF British Championships, Open Bodybuilding (2nd)

HIGHLIGHT OF CAREER TO-DATE: It was definitely last year coming second at UKBFF British Championships. This might seem weird as you’d think it might have been one of my competitions where I placed 1st. I’ve wanted to do physique/bodybuilding since I first started training but it has taken a long time to gain enough size to compete in this class. I’ve had a lot of people doubting my capabilities in this class (understandably as I am still usually the smallest on stage). It meant so much to me to place so well in my first competition as an actual bodybuilder and in an open class too, with girls outweighing me by up to 4 stones (56 pounds). It was just an amazing feeling when I came off stage and going to meet my fiancé who was the first person to tell me back in 2004 this was the route I should take in bodybuilding.

DISAPPOINTMENTS/SET-BACKS: I don’t think I’ve had any disappointments or setbacks with my training or competing. I am always realistic about where I think I can place and what I can achieve, and so far I have usually done better than I had expected. This doesn’t mean I don’t aim high because I most definitely do but I just realise it can take time to build a world class physique.

WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT COMPETITIONS/COMPETING: I love making my routines and performing them. I love the way I can combine all my skills and hobbies into one fun performance. I write my own songs/raps and choreograph a dance routine/ bodybuilding routine and get to show off my sculpted physique and any improvements I’ve made in the off-season.

WHAT DO YOU DISLIKE MOST ABOUT COMPETITIONS/COMPETING: I guess just the last couple of weeks where I feel tired and docile. I’m such a lively and fun person it can feel like I have lost myself some days, but usually straight after comp day a slice of chocolate fudge cake and I’m back!

PHYSIQUES YOU ADMIRE: Valentina Chepiga, Anne Freitas, Laura Creavalle, Lenda Murray and Alina Poppa.

YOUR BEST BODYPART: I would say that would have to be my back.

YOUR WORST BODYPART: I think I have a fairly balanced physique but I’d really like to gain more size on my arms and shoulders still.

SHORT-TERM GOALS: My short term goals would be to compete at the UKBFF British Finals 2012 and improve on my second place last year. I would like to present a female bodybuilding package that keeps all aspects balanced; femininity, shape, lines, symmetry, condition and muscle mass.

LONG-TERM GOALS: My long term goals would be too compete at World Championships and try for my pro card. I would love to then compete in various pro level competitions in the bodybuilding category. It would be my dream to be a bodybuilder by profession.


LEAST-FAVOURITE EXERCISE: Calf Raises… the burn.

TRAITS YOU ADMIRE MOST IN OTHERS: I like it when people are open minded and don’t take themselves too seriously.

TRAITS YOU ADMIRE MOST IN YOURSELF: Sympathetic, kind and motivated.

FAVOURITE WAY TO RELAX: Reading, yoga and meditation.

FAVOURITE T.V. PROGRAMME: I don’t watch much television at all but I do like Channel 200 on Sky, Controversial TV. My friends think I’m funny for watching this.

FAVOURITE FILM: Shawshank Redemption.

FAVOURITE ACTORS: I love Denzel Washington and Christian Bale.

FAVOURITE ACTRESS: Marion Cotillard (La Vie En Rose)

FAVOURITE MUSIC (to relax to): I love all types of music but I very rarely listen to it to relax. Even if I’m just in the house on my own I tend to prefer something lively.

FAVOURITE MUSIC (to train to): I like to train to some good club music, electro, base lines, etc…


FAVOURITE TREAT FOOD: Curry, pizza, chocolate, cake… I’m on a diet right now so this list is never ending.

DIET PLAN: My diet plan is around 1,800 to 2,200 calories a day at the moment. I do carb rotation anywhere from 50 g to 250 g of carbs per day. My protein is around 200 g to 250 g per day and my fats are around 50 g per day.

FAVOURITE RECIPE: I don’t really have a favourite recipe but I do love my Peri Peri Sauce that goes on everything, and I love my Tefal Actifry that I use to cook everything! It’s cool, you don’t need to use any oil and it just cooks bulk loads of chicken, turkey whatever and it’s really easy to clean too.

FAVOURITE PLACES TO EAT OUT: Nandos on a diet and Aagrah for Curry.

NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS USED: I tend to keep this quite basic really. I guess if I had help from a sponsor I’d try out some new things. I use Whey Protein all year and also a Mix Blend Protein drink too. I like my pre workout drinks, in fact I just tried Andrew Merrifields Turbo Nox the other week and I’ve got to say that this one is my favourite at the moment.

SPONSORS: My gym sponsors me with a free membership and they help me out as much as they can. It’s great to have a supportive gym. Altered Images in Pudsey. I am looking for sponsorship from a good Supplement company though of course.

HOW DO YOU STAY FOCUSED & MOTIVATED: Once I start my competition prep I find it pretty easy to stay motivated, it just seems to happen. Once I set my mind towards a goal I just get on with it. If I have any moments where I’m struggling I have a good strong boyfriend that puts me back on track.

TRAINING PROGRAMME: My training at the moment is seven days a week. I’m doing my morning cardio before food and weights training in the afternoon. I usually do two muscle groups in each workout and I train some muscles twice a week, like biceps.

TRAINING PARTNER: I’m training with my fiancé Jamie at the moment. I sometimes train with other people. My last prep I trained with my friend Dale for the entire twenty weeks which was brilliant. I think it’s good to train with different people. At the moment me and Jamie are training really well together.

HINTS/TIPS YOU WOULD LIKE TO PASS ON: Ladies… train your glutes on a separate day to legs, and in the run up to your competition train them up to three times a week.

ADVICE YOU WOULD LIKE TO OFFER TO ANYONE BEGINNING BODYBUILDING: Ladies… don’t be impatient with your muscle gains, make steady and safe progress.

WHAT OTHER AVENUE OF SPORT WOULD YOU HAVE LIKED TO PURSUE IF NOT IN BODYBUILDING: I don’t think there is any other sport I’d do. I do dancing alongside my bodybuilding.

WHO HAS HELPED/SUPPORT YOU IN YOUR CAREER: Mainly my man Jamie, he keeps me on track and doesn’t just feed my ego. He’s very blunt with me if I’m not doing everything I should be doing to be the best I can be. Also, everyone down at Altered Images Gym, and all my friends that support me each year when it’s competition time.

HOW DO YOU THINK THE ORDINARY MAN IN THE STREET VIEWS WOMEN’S BODYBUILDING AND WOMEN BODYBUILDERS: I think most men that have never met a female bodybuilder in person have a pre-conceived idea about us, that we are huge and masculine and that it’s not attractive. I think when they meet me they change their mind!